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Technical Difficulties

We've been in business for over 25 years, and we believe that we've been successful because we have a solid business focus.

We enjoy the security of always having work. The best way to ensure our security is to give our customers some security of their own. When they work with us, customers know we're not going to give them the hard-sell on new equipment. We're a repair shop - not a retailer.

They also know that they will get high quality work, at a fair price, on time, all the time. We don't ship your equipment someplace else and get it back to you 6 weeks later; all repairs are done by our technicians either at our shop or in your home.

In fact, our customers enjoy a 90% chance of having their problem solved when the tech leaves the house after the first visit - and peace of mind knowing that if it requires a second trip, we're not billing them another trip charge.

If there are any questions or problems, customers can speak directly to the owners (Mark or Paul), who will personally address their concerns. This ensures that customers are treated fairly and properly.

We'd like to have you as a customer. Stop by or call us next time you have technical difficulties, and experience the difference. You'll be glad you did!