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Technical Difficulties

How It Works

We provide in-home service to most of Wisconsin, parts of Minnesota and Michigan. We do repairs one of two ways - either in your home, or on a drop-off basis.

We'll Fix It In Your Home....

There is nothing more frustrating than setting up a service call and then finding that the problem is something that could've been solved over the phone!

When you first call us, we'll do some basic troubleshooting over the phone. If we can sort out your problem over the phone (this happens surprisingly often!), we'll do so. No charge.

If we travel to your home to fix your item, we charge a one-time travel fee of $45, with a minimum diagnostics fee of $39.99. This differs from many companies' "trip charges" in that this travel fee is the same no matter where you live, and we only charge it once. This provides us with a strong incentive to solve the problem on our first trip to your home. But if, despite our best effort, we find that we have to return a second time (perhaps due to having to order a specialized part), there's no travel fee for that second visit.

....Or You Can Bring It To Us

If you're close to one of our two shop locations, you're welcome to bring your unit in and avoid the one-time travel fee. We'll listen carefully to your description of the problem, and bench test the unit. If we find no apparent problem with your equipment we will help you diagnose what might be wrong at your house and send you home with your unit. No charge. If there is a problem with the unit and you decide to leave it with us for further diagnostics, there will be a minimum diagnostics fee of $39.99. After diagnostics we'll provide you with an estimated cost of repair.

Products left at our shop over 90 days, with no contact from the customer, will be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

Contact Us Today

The goal of this process is to get your unit fixed correctly, as quickly as possible, with as little hassle as possible. That's how we like to be treated; we're confident you'll like it too!

Contact us toll free - (855) 841-1997 - and let us put our 25+ years of experience to work getting your technical difficulties solved!